Nitrile Gloves For Various Industrial Purposes

Our range of powder-free nitrile gloves are suitable for multiple kinds of medium-weight uses like handling machinery and tools. These gloves are robust, durable and provide stronger barrier protection. Also, it is certified by ISO/HACCP/GMP.

  • Enhanced protection compared to other lower variants
  • Improved protection against substances and puncture
  • Better chemical resistance as compared to latex
  • Ideal for automotive, janitorial, painting, maintenance and similar industries
  • Textured tips provide better grip and precison while working.
  • Acceptable Quality Level (AQL): 1.5 (exceeds ASTM 6319 standard)

Heavy-duty nitrile gloves used for industrial purposes are typically thicker, stronger, fully textured, diamond textured and offer excellent resistance to a variety of chemicals, bases, solvents, solutions, pesticides and semi-sharp objects that can be harmful. These nitrile gloves with thickness 4 mil and above perform better in puncture or tear risk.

Our heavy-duty gloves deliver premium barrier protection against gasoline, grease and petroleum based chemicals as well as comes with better puncture resistance. They have a rasied diamond texture that provides enhanced surface area that help in chanelling away liquids so that one can have an enhanced grip on small tools and objects that are slippery or wet. These gloves are popularly used for oil changes, automobile repair, painting works, janitorial purposes, plumbing, industrial manufacturing and multiple other purposes.

Chemical Resistance

An invaluable option in industries such as manufacturing, automotive, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, and chemical processing, where workers are exposed to hazardous substances.


Suitable for handling sharp objects, working with rough surfaces, or engaging in tasks that involve potential cuts, abrasions, or punctures.


An excellent choice for industries where latex sensitivity is a concern, such as healthcare, food processing, and laboratories.

Comfort and Dexterity

Allows workers to perform intricate tasks with precision, maintain a firm grip on tools and equipment, and handle small objects effectively.

Contamination Control

Commonly used in controlled environments, likecleanrooms and manufacturing facilities, to maintain strict hygiene standards and prevent contamination.