Nitrile Gloves For The Food Industry

Our premium powder-free disposable nitrile gloves are specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of the food industry. Made from synthetic rubber known as nitrile, these gloves provide a reliable barrier against contamination and are suitable for handling food products. They offer several advantages over other types of gloves, making them a popular choice in various food-related applications.

  • Specifically designed for safe food handling and preparation
  • Excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals
  • Comfortable fit and excellent dexterity, allowing for precise and agile movements
  • Meets stringent regulatory requirements and standards for food handling and preparation
  • Acceptable Quality Level (AQL): 1.5 (exceeds ASTM 6319 standard)

Made from Nitrile Butadiene Rubber, Nitrile gloves react neither with proteins in human skin nor with the protiens or other organic substances present in food. They generally range around 3 to 4 mil thicknesses and are exceptionally useful when frequent glove changing is required, particularly for serving food and other sanitation applications. 1st Glove keeps hands protected and helps fight against the spread of germs, diseases, and viruses. The grip remains intact in both wet and dry settings.

These gloves serve a vital role in maintaining food safety and hygiene in various applications. Their uses extend from food handling and preparation to service, packaging, inspection, laboratory work, and more. It helps in providing a reliable barrier against contamination, protects against allergens, and contribute to the overall quality and integrity of food products. With their numerous advantages, our gloves have turned out to be an essential tool for ensuring safe and hygienic practices in the food industry.

Key Applications

Food Handling and Preparation

They protect the food from contamination by acting as a barrier against bacteria, viruses, and other harmful substances that may be present on the hands.

Food Service

By wearing these gloves, food handlers can prevent cross-contamination between different ingredients or dishes, ensuring the safety of the customers.

Food Packaging

Workers involved in packaging operations often wear these gloves to prevent direct contact between their hands and the food products.

Food Inspection

Inspectors wear these gloves while examining food items for visual inspection, quality control, and compliance with industry standards.

Food Delivery and Takeout Services

Delivery personnel and restaurant staff involved in packaging and handling food for takeout wear these gloves to ensure food safety.