Compliance and Statutory Information For Our Nitrile Gloves

At 1st Glove, we place utmost importance on adhering to all pertinent regulations and statutory mandates, ensuring that our premium nitrile gloves meet the most stringent standards of safety and quality. Understanding the pivotal role our gloves play in diverse industries such as healthcare, laboratories, and food handling, we take our responsibility seriously in delivering dependable and compliant products.

FDA Approval: Rest assured, our nitrile gloves have received full approval from the esteemed U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This regulatory endorsement attests to the safety and suitability of our gloves for both medical and non-medical applications, meeting and surpassing the rigorous requirements set forth by the FDA.
CE Marking: With pride, our nitrile gloves are marked with the CE symbol, signifying their full compliance with the essential health and safety standards of the European Union. This certification solidifies them as a trusted choice for customers throughout Europe, assuring that our gloves adhere to EU regulations and guidelines.
ASTM D6319 Compliance: The adherence of our nitrile gloves to the ASTM D6319 standard ensures they surpass benchmarks for physical properties, barrier performance, and biocompatibility. This compliance guarantees exceptional protection in a wide array of environments, instilling confidence in their reliability.
Chemical Resistance Testing: To validate the capability of our nitrile gloves to safeguard against exposure to hazardous substances, we conduct thorough and comprehensive chemical resistance testing. This meticulous process ensures our gloves provide optimal protection, making them ideal for industries dealing with chemicals and potentially harmful materials.
Biocompatibility Testing: In our pursuit of excellence, we conduct thorough biocompatibility testing to guarantee the utmost safety and compatibility of our gloves with human tissues and bodily fluids. This ensures our gloves are suitable for medical and other sensitive applications, ensuring your peace of mind.
Quality Assurance: At 1st Glove, quality serves as the bedrock of our operations. Rigorous quality assurance measures are applied to our nitrile gloves, surpassing industry standards. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we continuously strive to enhance our products and services.
Environmental Responsibility: Committed to environmental sustainability, we strictly adhere to all applicable environmental regulations. Our manufacturing processes are designed with eco-friendly practices to minimize our carbon footprint and make a positive contribution to the environment.

When you choose 1st Glove, you can have complete confidence that our nitrile gloves not only offer exceptional protection and comfort, but also comply with all necessary compliance and statutory requirements. We are steadfast in upholding these standards, providing you with a reliable and compliant glove solution for your specific needs.