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About 1st Glove

Nitrile gloves have turned out to be a mainstay product in medical, food handling, and other related industries. Our latex-free and strong nitrile gloves, 1st Glove, made from a copolymer, created by combining butadiene and acrylonitrile, is the first ever in the Indian Market. 1st Gloves follow a comprehensive set of technological advancements, thereby pointing to cost-effective production practices.

Every nitrile glove we produce is a protective second skin that provides the wearer with an added sense of safety and comfort. Our commitment to superior quality policy has earned us praiseworthy certifications from reliable international assessment bodies and we look forward to continue delivering products and innovating the industry to surpass the best global demands in the years to come.

Owing to a lesser infection, blood-borne or skin ailments and allergy rate, our nitrile gloves promises to protect the hands of the wearer. Our gloves come with a lower AQL as compared to others, and is backed by high dexterous strength, thereby improving strength while reducing risk. Our heavy duty gloves are both available in powdered and powder free versions and some are equipped with textured grips to support unparalleled dexterity and fatigue-free movement. They are widely used in medical, veterinary, food, oil & gas, agricultural, paint, automobile, aviation, tattoo, janitorial and other applicable industries.

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About Koove IoT Pvt. Ltd

Koove IoT Pvt. Ltd. is the sister company of Rashmi Group, a premium and fast-growing conglomerate in India with an annual turnover of 3.5 billion USD. Koove IoT Pvt. Ltd. is the first Nitrile Gloves manufacturer in India with a robust vision to fulfill the global demands through the development of high quality Nitrile Butadiene rubber gloves to cater to the international quality standards.

Owing to the superior quality control, the products of Koove IoT Pvt. Ltd has been benefitting both domestic and international markets since its inception. Striving for excellence and delivering constant quality to our clients, we have successfully met the ASTM D6319-19 Standards of production.


Our Vision

Our unwavering commitment revolves around innovating fresh approaches to aid individuals, encompassing enhanced sanitation, streamlined business procedures, and elevated manufacturing capacities. Our aspiration is to be recognized as a consequential organization that delivers remarkable products, significantly impacting people's lives. We endeavor to enhance individuals' attainment of their career goals by cultivating an environment that inspires them. Revolutionary technological progress is harnessed to spearhead pioneering safety advancements. We strive to advance the world through service-oriented social initiatives, actively making positive contributions.

Our Mission

Recognizing the paramount importance of maintaining proper hygiene, we acknowledge its inherent advantages in preventing illness, particularly when exposed to sick individuals or animals. Our objective is to establish ourselves as a reliable manufacturer and distributor of examination, surgical, and industrial nitrile gloves, consistently meeting the needs and requirements of our esteemed clientele. We are devoted to enhancing the quality of human life by offering an extensive range of certified and rigorously tested gloves, ensuring exceptional standards for each glove category.


Our Core Values