What Makes 1st Gloves Stand Out In The Global Market?


Our facilities are built with a strong supply chain structure that our nitrile gloves gloves to quickly move from manufacturing to packing and distribution.


Our flexible production process allow us to easily create a broad selection of Nitrile Gloves.

Why 1st Glove


Our gloves have been synonymous with premium quality as we unwaveringly dedicate our production to perfection.


Our manufacturing plants are designed to possess the least amount of environmental impact.

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Manufacturing Technology

Koove IoT Pvt. Ltd. is the sister company of Rashmi Group, a premium and fast-growing conglomerate in India with an annual turnover of 3.5 billion USD. We are the first Nitrile Gloves manufacturer in India with a robust vision to fulfill the global demands through the development of high quality Nitrile Butadiene rubber gloves to cater to the international quality standards.

  • First Nitrile Gloves manufacturer in India
  • ASTM D6319-19 Standards of production.
  • Serving domestic and international markets
  • Committed to superior quality policy
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1st Gloves

A Cutting Edge Manufacturing Facility

High Efficiency Manufacturing Lines

Our manufacturing facility boasts of twin-former technology that helps increase output by enabling us to run high-volume production lines.

Robotic Glove Stripping System

A full robotic glove stripping system, on all of our lines, has been installed to help decrease the human labour dependency and boost efficiency.

Best Packaging Module

Our packaging and quality assurance experts inspect and evaluate the tiniest imperfections to make sure that each glove leaving the plant is perfect.

How long can nitrile gloves be worn?

Although the lifespan of latex gloves is less than three years, disposable nitrile gloves have an average durability of five years. Ensuring the longevity of personal protective equipment (PPE), including gloves, is crucial to maintain their effectiveness.

To be considered safe for food handling, nitrile gloves must meet specific standards and criteria, which not all nitrile gloves fulfill.

Our nitrile gloves are completely safe for sensitive skin as they are made from premium grade Nitrile Butadiene Rubber, and they are ambidextrous and 100% latex free.


A Brief Comparison

Nitrile And Latex Glove

Nitrile Gloves :

Highly durable and ambidextrous. They can withstand exposure to chemicals, oils, and solvents.

Nitrile gloves are ideal for automotive, manufacturing, food, pharma, laboratory, chemical handling, and janitorial industries where chemical resistance and durability are important.

They are generally said to be hypoallergenic and are ideal for individuals with latex allergies.

Latex Gloves :

Latex gloves are less durable than nitrile and are more prone to punctures and tears. They can be damaged by certain chemicals.

Latex gloves are commonly used in the healthcare, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries due to their sensitivity and flexibility. Also, they are used in food processing and general industries.

Some individuals may have latex allergies, and these gloves may cause allergic reactions in such cases.


Industrial Applications Of Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are widely used in various industries due to their durability, chemical resistance, and versatility. Some of the industries where nitrile gloves are commonly used include below.

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